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Spicy Full English

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

When I was younger there was a regular Saturday morning routine; wake up to Citv, cereal for breakfast then zipped off to dance school for 3 hours. However on the odd special Saturday the house would be filled with the smell of bacon and sausages and the sight of my dad cooking up a storm in the kitchen. He loved taking traditional meals and adding a twist; a classic bacon and sausage butty would be taken to the next level with sautéed onions, fried plantain perhaps some avocado and of course pepper sauce. Here's a simple way to elevate the classic Full English.

Recipe time: 10 mins​


Baked Beans

The Char Bell​


1. Add 1 portion of baked beans to a pot on medium heat and stir for a few minutes allowing the beans to slightly boil.​

2. Next add 2 teaspoons of The Char Bell (or more if you're feeling daring!) stirring into the pot well.​

3. Finally, serve with breakfast and enjoy!

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