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At Pepper Pots, our story is deeply rooted in our Ghanaian, West African upbringing, where our passion for flavours and culinary experiences was ignited by Nikki’s parents. They not only taught us the art of turning simple recipes into mouthwatering dishes but also instilled in us the importance of unlocking the true potential of every ingredient. Among these ingredients, peppers and chilies took centre stage, and they quickly became an essential part of every meal.

Family spread

One cherished tradition that continues to this day is our annual fish feasts, a special time when we come together to savour an array of shellfish, grilled fish, and Ghanaian staples like yams and banku. As these gatherings grew in size, so did the variety of chilli sauces to accompany the spread. The demand for our homemade chilli sauces surged as they became a favourite among our friends and extended family. We found ourselves inundated with requests to share our sauces from the traditional shito to flavourful, handcrafted blends using the finest scotch bonnets and other ingredients. Our love for spices was evident to all who joined us and it was at that moment we decided to take the leap and establish Pepper Pots.


Pepper Pots is a Ghanaian-inspired condiments range where we invite people to explore authentic flavours as part of their everyday cooking. Each pot has its own special story behind it, inspired by its ingredients and our own little life moments, encouraging everyone to indulge in our high-quality condiments while providing an authentic taste of West Africa. 


What sets us apart is our commitment to a handcrafted approach that preserves the exceptional quality of our products whilst aligning with our dedication to minimising food waste.


Our aim is to bridge the gap between communities and food, uniting people from all walks of life, all drawn together simply for the love of spice.


Love Nikki & Clara

Green Meko and chilli prawns
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