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story behind the pots

My love for hot food comes from my mother who used to make her own special range of hot sauces and didn’t allow a single meal to hit the dinner table without a touch of heat. Chillis and peppers always make a feature in my meals even down to a simple avo on toast - got to love a sprinkle of chilli flakes.


Each pot has its own special story behind it inspired by the ingredients and my own little life moments. I’m not a chef by profession or claim to be a cooking connoisseur. I just enjoy creating things and love a good food idea. All it takes is for one ingredient to come to mind no matter how obscure it is and I let my imagination do the rest. It genuinely brings me joy creating my sauces and thanks to a few amazing people in my life giving me the push I needed, I took the step to finally pot and share them with others - my thank you list would take up this entire page so hopefully they know who they are.


The process behind my pots is a sweet and short:

Think it. Pot it. Share it.


Excited to be able to share my little spice pots and hope they bring a smile to everyone’s faces the same way they do when I make them.

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