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Looking after your spice pot

You know how the saying goes - all good things come to an end and sadly this applies to our pots!

Our pots are made from fresh ingredients and contain no preservatives or artificial colouring or flavouring so must be treated with the upmost care! Please take note of the points below to know how best to treat your pot to ensure you can enjoy your little spice pot for as long as possible.

The best before date is a guideline date, if not treated correctly sauces can expire before said date. Once you purchase and receive your pot please do the following:

  • Keep your pot refrigerated.

  • Once opened continue to keep refrigerated when not in use.

  • Exposure to air can cause the pot to spoil. Ensure the pot is tightly fastened after use.

  • Always use a clean spoon or this could cause the sauce to spoil faster.

  • As much as we love a lick and a dip, please avoid to prevent the pot from spoiling.

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