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Ghana, located in West Africa is celebrated for its rich history, friendly hospitality and local flavours.  Ghana's early independence marks a pivotal moment in African history and continues to make strides in it's modern growth becoming a top destination for travelers.  Ghana is home to the traditional kente cloth, beautiful landscapes and most importantly mouth water-watering dishes making it a haven for food lovers. 

Image by Jeffrey Ofori


Waterfall, Ghana
Mole national park, Ghana
Ghana kebabs


Ghana is made up of many regions where you will find tribes such as the Ashanti, Ga, Fante and Ewe people. Each tribe is rich in culture and traditions all with a deep sense of national pride at their core. Foods such as shito and kenkey derive from the Ga people located in Greater Accra whilst the Fante region found along the coast is hailed for it's seafood dishes. Despite slight regional differences, all Ghanaian cuisine is rooted in cultural appreciation and an understanding of the richness in local flavours unifying communities.


Ghana is home to stunning waterfalls such as Boti falls and wildlife reserves, such as Mole National Park, where you can experience a variety of wildlife, including elephants. Along the coast you'll find beautiful beaches in locations such as Kokrobite and Gomoa Fetteh where you can also indulge in fresh seafood platters and sugar cane juice.


The name "Shito" comes from the Ga language, meaning "pepper". It has been used in Ghanaian homes for generations and is a staple condiment in most households with each maker having their own personal style and touch in its creation but with dried fish, shrimp and pepper as base ingredients. Shito along with other arrays of chilli sauces are treated like ketchup often served on the side of dishes at local restaurants.


You'll be spoilt for choice with Ghana's vibrant street food scene. From sizzling kebabs, grilled to perfection, to waakye, a rice and bean dish served with a rich tomato stew and shito. You can also find spicy kelewele (fried plantain) as a tasty snack and quench your thirst with fresh coconuts by the roadside. From bustling markets to roadside vendors, Ghana's street foods provide a delicious journey into the country's rich culinary heritage.

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