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Meko means ‘pepper’ in Twi. This flavour-packed sensation is a warm welcome on our many visits to Ghana. It is often served as an accompaniment at local restaurants and the aromatic flavour always leaves us craving more. Bursting with green goodness, we aimed to distil the very essence of home so everyone can savour this spicy delight. The Green Meko is best served as a dipping sauce or refreshing marinade.

Heat Level: MEDIUM


For best quality please keep refridgerated.

The Green Meko

Products to be shipped at launch, 25th January 2024.
  • Rapeseed oil, onions, scotch bonnets, bell peppers, garlic, ginger, herbs, vegetable seasoning, apple cider vinegar, salt.

    Allergens - Soya
    Whilst we take great care and adhere to rigorous health and safety protocols, our kitchen handles Gluten, Sesame, Soya, Celery, Egg, Milk, Fish & Sulphites. May contain traces.

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